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The International Stunt Association (ISA) is home to the top stunt performers, stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors in the motion picture and television industry.
A fraternal organization founded in 1980, for the last 30 years the members of ISA have granted many of the professional awards that Hollywood bestows upon the "Best of the Best" in the entertainment industry.
For high intensity extreme action that brings "vision into reality" only trust your productions with the professionals of the International Stunt Association.

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The International Stunt Association. was founded in 1980 by stuntman extraordinaire, Alan Gibbs.

The International Stunt Association was founded in 1980 by stuntman extraordinaire, Alan Gibbs.
Considered by many to be one of the best stuntmen to ever don a pad, Alan had a vision of assembling the top talent Hollywood had to offer in the stunt industry. He saw his dream become a reality before he died of cancer in 1988, a young man of 47.
Today his legacy lives on with the members of the "ISA" leading the industry in creating and coordinating the biggest action in Hollywood while holding safety above all else.

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Stunt master Garrett Warren took his lumps on Avatar, Iron Man 2 and Alice in Wonderland
Still recovering from “Avatar? Garrett Warren can relate. The stunt coordinator for the film is now a self-proclaimed expert in the tricky art of banshee riding, and he’s also an in-demand man in Hollywood with credits on some of the biggest upcoming releases, including “Iron Man 2,?“The Adventures of Tintin?and “Alice in Wonderland.?Our Yvonne Villarreal caught up with the 21st century fall guy to get the lowdown on his rough-and-tumble trade. Read more of the story here        
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